Product & Support

Regular Cement Grinding Aids (RGA)

We produce and develop high quality product of Regular Cement
Grinding Aids that will signicantly improve the grinding eciency,
thus raising production capacity and reducing energy consumption
without compromising cement quality.

Concrete Superplasticiser

We produce high quality PENTACON serial product as concrete

Cement Performance Enhancer (CPE)

We produce and develop high quality Cement Performance Enhancer (CPE) product. Not only providing capacity gain and energy saving, the CPE product will provide extra properties to improve strength and improve owabilty and the pack set of cement. By using our CPE product cement manufacturer can reduce clinker ratio (CR)
while maintains the quality of the cement. This application will provide signicant cost saving to the cement manufacturer.

Dry Mortar Additives

We produce high quality PENTADRY serial product as dry mortar additives.