Biodiesel Additives

Biodiesel and it’s disadvantages


Presenting a renewable option for diesel engines, biodiesel is produced through transesterification reaction  of vegetable oils and/or animal fats (FAME). In current diesel fuel market condition in Indonesia, FAME is blended with conventional petroleum based diesel fuel at certain percentage and the percentage has been increasing and most recently has risen to B35 in early 2023.

Using biodiesel will provide some advantages such as increased lubricity, but also have some disadvantages, such as:

  • Biodiesel tend to decrease fuel efficiency and power output due to lower energy density
  • Biodiesel tend to increase the likelyhood of clogging and filter blocking
  • Biodiesel is less stable than conventional diesel fuel because FAME is organic matter that will be degraded as it oxidizes. Degradation products can also lead to increased corrosion of fuel-system.
  • Biodiesel attracts water, makes it more acidic and promotes microbial growth. Microbes contribute to fuel-system clogging (especially the filter) and increased corrosion.

Why you need to use PENTACHEM’s Diesel Fuel Additive? 

We produce diesel fuel additive as a complete package to mitigate many diesel fuel issues related with the disadvantages of using biodiesel.

Our Diesel Fuel Additive have various effects:

  • Detergency – cleanse deposits
  • Dispersant – break contaminants particulates to smaller sizes
  • Anti corrosion
  • Demulsifier – prevents microbial growth
  • Antioxidant – prevent oxidation, prevent hydrocarbon conversion to acid compound and carbon deposits

Using our additives will lead to:

  • Cleaner injector that will provide finer atomized fuel mist that sprayed out more evenly, resulting in perfect combustion
  • Better fuel filter life because of less oxidation, less contaminants and detergency effects eliminate built-up deposits
  • Faster fuel response in fuel chamber

At the end, the final results of the combination of above effects are:

  1. Improved power and torgue
  2. Cleaner gas emission
  3. Reduced maintenance cost
  4. Longer maintenance schedule

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